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Matt Redd – One Shot Away From Being A Hashtag

As you know guys music is really big for me. A way to express yourself. A way to show emotion or just to relax. Once in a while I come across a song that touches me. Matt Redd – One Shot Away From Being A Hashtag is one of those songs.

As you all know, mental health is big in our family. This song really touches on that. The message Matt give is true in todays day and age. It is sad that people only seem to get support when they are no longer here.

Matt is an artist out of Winnipeg. He raps with a lot of passion and has been on stage with guys I grew up with, Deepcave. I also knew his dad. Not very well, at least I don’t think. Those days were a little hazy for me. Anyways, I fell in love with his music and will be watching his career unfold.

Kids, you will be hearing a lot of him over the years. I have a feeling he will be one of those artists we both like. Maybe dad won’t be so square anymore.

I hope you guys all know that I will always be there for you. If you ever feel low, feel alone or meaningless just look over at me. Give me a call and I will be there even if it’s just to listen. Don’t battle the world on your own because you are never alone. In fact all three of you make the world a better place

The only hashtag I ever want to see your names come up in is #love.

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I would love to see Matt become a huge success. Because of messages like this, I can see that happening very soon.