Camping At Carson Pegasus

Kids, I figured I would write about all the places we go so you always have reference. This last summer we went camping at Carson Pegasus campground. This campground is part of the Alberta Parks campground system.

Carson Pegasus was amazing! Such a beautiful campground nestled inside Alberta’s forest.

The campsites are very private, having lots of trees to shelter it. We had a site where you could see the lake through the trees which gave fantastic views all day long.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

The park itself was exceptionally clean. Even the outhouses were in pristine condition. Don’t like using outhouses, well there are full flush bathrooms with shower stalls located around the campground as well. The showers are loonie/toonie stalls. You get quite the long shower off a toonie. Perfect for cleaning up after a day in the woods.

A couple of park areas for the kids to play in are spread out through the park. One right on the beach and then one inside the campground. The beach is on the smaller side, there still is lots of sand to play in. A swimming area is roped off and not very deep. Great for younger kids.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

If you are looking to get out onto the lake, you can rent paddle boats, canoes, and 12 foot aluminum boats. The prices are very cheap, so you won’t break the bank getting onto the lake.

Camping At Carson Pegasus


Carson Pegasus campground is wrapped with a huge trail system. This is where you can become one with nature. I loved walking the trails with my kids. Seeing all that the forest had to offer. I tought them things and they showed me new ways to look at them.

Being inside the forest with all the smells and sounds really relaxes you. Even during rain, the trails open up new ways to explore the park.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

Carson Pegasus’ well maintained trail system makes hiking very easy. There are little paths down to the lake to give you unbelievable views of the lake. Rain or shine, take full advantage of this.

Plenty of space to land dock your boat for the nite and make it up to the camp site.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

We even found where the Alberta Smurfs live on one of our walks.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

The one thing to remember is that Carson Pegasus is in bear country. When you camp, keep the site clean and always store food and food making products inside a hard side trailer or vehicle. Also remember never feed the wildlife around the campground.

In my opinion, out of all the places I have been this campground is one of my favourites. I would give it a dads 10 out of 10 for a score. Of course with so much to see and do, kids will never say ‘I’m bored.’ Even my teen daughter didn’t miss her phone.

Where is Carson Pegasus?

Located just North West of Whitecourt (highway 43) Alberta, on the way to Swan Hills, Alberta (highway 32). Carson Pegasus is a must see for any camping family.

Camping At Carson Pegasus

How do I book a campsite?

If you would like to book your Camping experience at Carson Pegasus, head over to Find your perfect spot and enjoy the Alberta outdoors


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