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When Your Child Hurts Themselves Playing With You

When your child hurts themselves playing with you, life sort of stops. You feel horrible. For myself I still have no idea my strength which can be an issue in its own sense while playing.
But my strength isn’t what this is about. It is about my son hurting himself while playing with me. So to you my boy, here is dad’s thoughts.
It was my idea to go to the park today. I was the one who said at home no video games, let’s get active. Now I’m sitting here in the ER waiting to find out if your ankle is sprained or broken.
My son, I am sorry you got hurt. I wish I saw what happened when you collided with that other boy and fell but my eyes were closed. I was the one who was ‘it’ at the time while playing grounders.
But I was also there to calm you down. To find out what happened and to check you out. Once we got home and you were cleaned up I gave you a good look over to judge if we need to get checked out or not.
The ankle movement has pain. The toes wiggling give discomfort. There is a bruise right above the ankle bone with lots of swelling. I iced it for you but it continued to swell. This is why we are here in the ER now.
I know I didn’t cause this injury but as your dad I still feel horrible. Like I should have been able to prevent it. Maybe if I said yes to video games this wouldn’t have happened. My heart hurts while we sit here. This isn’t the first but hopefully will be the last time I bring you to the ER.
This will be a father’s day I won’t soon forget. 2017 is the year you got hurt playing with dad and ended up getting x-rays. A fractured growth plate in your left ankle will always be in the back of my mind.
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