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Three words that have meant so much to me over the years, #IAmDad. That’s right that simple phrase has got me through some tough times but also solidified a ton of great ones too.
It has been hard over the years as it seems like the world is against you. Advertising has been and still is to this day geared towards moms. There has been some change but it is a very slow process. I don’t think companies realize that gearing their products strictly to moms hurts dads immensely and makes us feel inadequate to raise our children.
I like the majority of dads I know, took an active role in raising our kids. There for midnight feedings, changing diapers all the way up to the school years and beyond. The lack of acknowledgment in advertising and the way dads are portrayed in media like tv really tugs at the old heart-strings. But like every good dad, I just put that aside and carried on.
You really can’t put into words the feeling you get hearing day in and day out that dads don’t matter. It creates a stigma around men that we should just sit back and let our wives do everything. Even when you hear from friends that wanting to be home with your wife and kids is considered unmanly. Well that isn’t the case.
Even with work dads are treated different. I know getting time off was next to impossible. I had to use vacation time for births, for appointments etc. That usually meant I missed a ton of milestones while my kids were growing up. Birthdays, Christmas, school events and so on. This area is also the area that has the most change. Makes me happy now to know dads can get the time they deserve.
Dads who take an active role in raising their kids are everywhere. We become in touch with our emotions, we become better listeners and all around better men. It’s about time dad’s are shown and treated in the right manner.

Let’s Show The World, #IAmDad!

With saying all this, I would love you to share what being a dad means. Share your up’s and down’s, your feelings and what it means to you. Let company’s and brands know we are here, that we use their products too.
I would love to see this from dads and moms, kids and grandkids alike. Every day new dads are born, lets show them and the world who we are.
Please use the hashtag #IAmDad on social media with your stories and take change to the next level. It’s not much but it will give dads an area to see they aren’t alone. They do matter.
Thank you in advance.

5 thoughts on “#IAmDad

  1. I agree about the media, i think companies are so used to just putting “mum” on things that they don’t see how many people they are alienating! Dads matter too and #IAmDad

      1. It’s very easily missed because it has always been there. I have missed a lot of it over the years too. My wife points most of it out to me.

    1. I agree, I think it’s more a complacency issue than an intent issue. Always done it that way and never thought to change.

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