Moms Interviewing Dads

Moms Interviewing Dads – Week 1

Well here we go, Moms Interviewing Dads – Week 1 and boy am I excited. This week I have Grace Cross interviewing her husband.

Grace is the founder of The Baby Spot. She is a big supporter of parent blogs. Always has been a huge supporter of myself including helping me create this blog series.

She also supports change in the way dads are perceived as parents. I couldn’t have a better mom bring moms interviewing dads to light.

Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy Grace interviewing her husband Mr Baby Spot. A great dad who loves his family very much.

Grace Cross:

Grace Cross is the founder of The Baby Spot, a global online parenting magazine. She is a writer, author and adventure seeker.
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Now let’s hear about this great dad!

Bio on Mr. Baby Spot.

Mr. Baby Spot is a proud Dad and supporter of The Baby Spot, fixer of things around the house, composer of Dad jokes, Rubix cube master,  lover of motorcycles and bbq’er Extraordinaire.
 Moms Interviewing Dads - Week 1

Ok so here goes…

• Do you feel dads are represented well through advertising and products?

No I don’t, I feel the “gender role” specifically targeted media marketing is still very prevalent, and I am tired of the Dad role typically represented though aloof and insecure parenting, we all do not pass our kids off to our significant others when we feel overwhelmed.

• What is your best dad moment?

I probably have 1000 individual moments I could speak to, but I think in general, I feel every time my child calls me Dad gives me such a powerful feeling of pride and happiness, good times and even in bad.

• What is your best advice for new dads?

I don’t typically give advice, usually it is “my only advice is don’t listen to others advice”, but what I would say is show your kids the love you have inside yourself to them. Hug them, kiss them, tickle them, chase them, make them laugh, and keep those smiles on their face as much as you can, the day comes when you are not the center of their world, and that window is small in the grand scheme of things, so enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.

• What has been your funniest dad moment?

There has been a lot, but one that comes to mind is the time when I would go to work, and I would always have Cheerios in my briefcase and stickers on my laptop. My little one would make me lunch and jazz up my work laptop. I loved it so much and would open up my laptop with a chuckle and so much pride.

• What has been your hardest dad moment?

My wife had an ectopic pregnancy, I was heartbroken, not only for the loss of our child, but also the woman I love and my best friend, nearly lost her life. It is something that is still so painful to this day.

• How do you want your kids to remember you?

I want them to remember me by knowing I wore my heart on my shoulder, I always put them first and, most importantly, I want them always to know how much love I had for them and that I always showed it.

• How has your life changed since becoming a dad?

I know it may sound cliché, but it is so true to me. When I met the love of my life, my wife, I feel like my life became full, or became a perfect circle as the analogy states, and when we had a child, it’s like that circle was filled in with the most beautiful color ever. My picture has become complete, and it is the most wonderful feeling ever.

• Cooking, cleaning etc. What do you love and or hate when it comes to house stuff?

I enjoy cooking, more so grilling or barbecue, and I enjoy working with my hands, so being Mr. fix it is always nice. I have never been the best tidy upper, but obviously I do clean up the house too. I would say it’s not a love/hate relationship, more so a “do what needs to be done” more so on a normal basis.

• Funniest moment your kids probably shouldn’t know about?

It happened the day my child was being born, my wife went into labor in the early morning and I was so nervous to make sure I had everything ready to go, that I nearly took off to the hospital WITHOUT MY WIFE!! So bad, didn’t take off and ran back upstairs to help her down and to the car. One of those stories that is funny later, a long time later.

• Do you feel you are nailing this parent thing?

Nailing it?!? Who knows? I would say I am constantly learning and adapting, and my child is a very happy tot, so if that is any indication then great, if not ask me again in 10+ years.

• How do you feel when it comes to balancing life and fatherhood?

Obviously it is a challenge that needs constant attention and adaptation. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect or that it is down to a fine art by any means, but I always try to put my child/family first.


A big thank you goes out to Grace and Mr. Baby Spot for taking part.

If you would like to be featured, check out this post and drop me a line.

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