Moms Interviewing Dads

Moms Interviewing Dads

Moms interviewing dads is going to be a new weekly post on my blog. A way for me to introduce some great dads to the world.

As you know, compared to moms there really isn’t a lot of dads who write about being a parent. Having some great mombloggers interview husbands, boyfriends or even their dad will shed some light on fatherhood. Dads that are great at what they do, just not in the public eye.

I want to incorporate this into my #IAmDad segment. As a way to show the world what being a dad really means. A way to change the way dads are viewed in the parenting world.

Having a dads honest outlook about life with kids will start to spark change. Change in the way people speak. Change in the way ads are created.

In return, that change will make it so our kids don’t face the same struggles we have. I know for myself, there is nothing worse than constantly and hearing seeing that you don’t matter.

Moms Interviewing Dads

I am putting a call out to moms!

If you are interested in interviewing dad please let me know. I will send you 11 questions to ask.

Interview him which ever way you want. Hand him the questions, sit down, ask and hopefully spark conversation about fatherhood. Even bring them up randomly so he has no idea the interview is happening. The choice is yours.

Send off some pictures or video of him just being dad. Showcase what you see everyday. Share who he is and why he is so very important.

In return, I will provide a link to your blog, social media or both. Sharing out a great mom and a great dad is a win win in my eyes. Also if dad writes or wants a social media follow as well, I will provide a link to those as well.

If you are interested, please send off an email to I will send you the details and questions.

I look forward to hearing about some great dads out there. Sharing to the world who they are. Hopefully changing how us dads are seen.

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