The Perfect Chicken Wing

Alright kids, let me share with you how to make the perfect chicken wing. Not to toot my own horn but there was a time growing up in Winnipeg that I was known for my wings.
I worked in a ton of bars/ pool halls in the kitchen. As a result I made a ton of wings, and was always stuck working on wing nights. I became known around the city as well. Radio stations usually named the place I worked at one of the top 2 wing joints in the city. Not too bad hey.
So let me show you my secret because as you know from eating them, they are amazing.
First off grab your wings. Make sure they are fresh.
The perfect Chicken Wing
Next, and this is the key part, get your flour mixture. For me I use white flour and mix in salt and pepper. You could add what ever you want here. For example Cayenne pepper and white pepper for a hot wing. Lemmon pepper for sweet taste or Italian seasoning for a nice all around flavour. Really it’s up to you and trying different things is how you find your perfect flavour.
Now coat the wings in your flour mixture. Be sure to get even coverage and tap off any extra flour.
The Perfect Chicken Wing
Add them into your deep fryer. We have a  Hamilton Beach fryer and it’s amazing. The big basket is perfect for wings. On a side note, having the 2 smaller baskets are great to cook multiple things. Also having the lid while frying makes it safer to use. Cleaning is very easy as it will come apart for washing. A very handy feature when it comes to deep fryers.
The Perfect Chicken Wing
Drop breaded wings into the basket. Keep in mind the oil level as to not overfill the basket.

The Perfect Chicken Wing

Drop them down and let them cook. Usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Cut the biggest one open to make sure they are cooked right through. They will turn a golden brown when done.
The Perfect Chicken Wing
Now comes the best part. Add your favourite sauce or seasoning to them. Don’t be afraid to mix things together like honey garlic and hot sauce for a sweet spicy taste. Or honey garlic, teriyaki, bbq and hot for an all dressed taste.
The Perfect Chicken Wing
For example here are the honey bbq wings made for dad’s new years eve meal. Made with bbq sauce and liquid honey.
If you prefer extra crispy wings, sauce your wings then put them in the oven to crisp up the sauce. Double baked wings are extra tasty. You could even re-sauce them when they come out.
Remember it is important to use metal tongs etcetera. Anything else will melt in the oil. The oil is very hot so be carefull. Don’t be like dad and put your hand in it. I learned that lesson many years ago working in kitchens and don’t want you to experience that.
Well now you know dads secret for the perfect chicken wing. Don’t forget to make me a batch every time you make your own, but you can’t have my pink bowl.

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