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Use Technology To Beat Mental Health

Mental health is one of those things that rarely gets thought of until it creeps up on you or someone you love. I wrote on how to help your child with mental health and it got me thinking. Couldn’t we use technology to beat mental health?

As of right now, my daughter suffers. She is on the tail end of it. So close to kicking mental healths ass but stuck. Stuck at that point where she should talk with someone to learn coping skills when it comes to stress. But she is scared, but technology could help that.

Use Technology To Beat Mental Health

I think we could use technology to beat mental health!

Why do I say this?

Well like most teenage kids, technology is a huge part of their lives. From twitter and snapchat right down to using the computer to search everything they want to buy or know.

My daughter is no different. Having anxiety for her means a fear of talking. Talking to people let alone a stranger is very difficult for her. Most people feel the same. I know myself, that can be hard from time to time.

Using technology to beat mental health issues could be a great asset. People have switched from talking face to face to texting, emailing and social media. We should embrace this and start using it to our advantage.

What I think should happen.

To use technology to beat mental health will be a huge benefit. Why can’t my daughter log into an app to find all the help she needs.

Create an app people can download that gives access to all kinds of mental health help. Have links to local websites. Have important numbers to get instant access to help.

During certain times of the day, have a live chat set up where you can talk to someone when feeling low. Maybe set that up with university students who are on their last year of a phycology degree which would give them great experience.

Create YouTube videos that teach coping skills. Make them like online courses. Teach the skills to beat mental health.

Using Technology To Beat Mental Health

Make the app allow for localized help. Find local resources, physiologists, groups etc. Also have all areas of mental health help accessible. Not just depression or anxiety but also bi-polar, OCD and so on.

The possibilities are endless. There are apps out there but not a lot too them. You need multiple apps to get half the help you need. Some link to websites which is great but unless it’s made locally, you can’t get access to the right information.

Having this a free app is honestly the way to go. Think of how many people suffer but can’t afford one on one help. Running it through university programs could help with the cost.

In my opinion my daughter could benefit from this and so could others. It would create an extra tool in their toolbox with day-to-day struggles. Imagine having a one stop shop for mental health help at your fingertips.

I would love your opinions on this. Do you think this could help?

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3 thoughts on “Use Technology To Beat Mental Health

  1. I absolutely think this would help! My son is going thru a rough time with anxiety and depression and just trying to figure out life. He’s 18 and is worried about all that lies ahead of him and feeling like he has no direction. Parents at this point have little input. He knows he needs better coping skills to help him through his down times, but has been hesitant to go sit and talk with someone.
    I think he and other young adults especially, would be ALL ABOUT IT.
    I think the University students is a perfect idea and I think talk therapy is a wonderful option for so many people. How could this APP be made into a reality?

    1. Sounds like your son and my daughter are in very similar points of life. She battles both as well while trying to figure out life moving forward. As for the app, I’m not too sure. I am writing something up to bring forward to a few universitys and organizations to guage interest in this. I will write on it when/if I get any replys. With out their help I feel cost would become an issue which I myself don’t want.

  2. This is a great idea, especially since unmonitored use of technology can cause increased mental health problems in kids and teenagers. I think turning that around and using the technology we have as a positive tool would be fantastic! It’s definitely something I would be interested in trying. #mondaystumble

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