We Bought A Travel Trailer

So it finally happened, we bought a travel trailer. Something my wife and I have wanted to do for a while now.

We bought a travel trailer

Camping has always been a huge part of my family’s life. From back when my wife and I were young and our dad’s took us, to now when we are together and bringing our kids out to enjoy the outdoors.

For the longest time we tented on our trips. Life happens and with my wife’s back being bad, tenting wasn’t an option any longer. So we picked up our first travel trailer.

We bought a 1983 Vanguard 24′ unit. It is a little older but honestly I love the look. We spent days upon days looking around our city. Hitting up all the new lots as well as seeing a ton of used ones until we found this one – the one we fell in love with.

We bought a travel trailer

As you can see it has a full kitchen area with full fridge and freezer. Gas range hood and a large oven. Having the oven is a must as my wife loves baking so now we can do that on our long trips.

We bought a travel trailer

The table here folds down into a bed and behind that is a double bunk area. The bunks are single beds but very long. There is a full bathroom behind the mirror door with sink, toilet and shower.

We bought a travel trailer

At the front is a couch that folds down into a double bed. Beside the chair is a table that will pull out and go half way down the couch when the leafs are in.

This will be the perfect fit for our family. Buying one on the older side saves us money. It also allows me to learn all the ins and outs of owning a trailer.

Stay tuned as I will be posting a lot about trailer maintenance. Also camping stuff like dad tips, areas to go and so on. My family adventures could help you choose yours!